About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Roy is first and foremost a woman, a mother, a friend, a coach and an entrepreneur. She has been using her strong interpersonal and business management skills for over 10 years.

Her great ability to simultaneously manage several projects and priorities, and her ability to connect with people in a multigenerational and multicultural environment have allowed her to work for many organizations in both the public and private sectors, and to collaborate with their senior executives. Rewarded for her rigorous work and exemplary management of operations and projects of all kinds, she quickly rose through the ranks.

At the head of a team in charge of creating and applying the corporate image for several years, Anne-Marie specialized not only in branding, but also in team management. Today, she is a shareholder and co-owner of 3 companies and her main activities are dedicated to her greatest passion: PEOPLE!

Her favorite quote:

Your life is only as good as your mindset.

She distinguishes herself by her skills in:

  • Operational excellence;
  • Team management (physical and virtual);
  • Branding management;
  • Corporate structure;
  • Business model adaptation;
  • Time management.

Her analytical mind, leadership skills, professionalism and integrity, combined with her mandates’ diversity, quality and success, make Anne-Marie Roy a high-calibre resource in business management consulting.

My conferences


How to boost your daily energy and vitality

Ideal to :

  • Stimulate and energize employees
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Generate interest in personal development
  • Engage employees

The interactive conference ZEST and PEP is a conference given by Anne-Marie Roy on how to optimize your energy and vitality every day. Concrete group exercises, tangible solutions and tips to integrate right now in order to live, work and have fun while being at your full potential. Discover the power of the elements surrounding you and how they positively or negatively influence your energy level. Be prepared to be surprised by the importance of your senses, your body and your state of mind.

Connecting at the age of virtual

Touching through the screen

Ideal to :

  • Equip managers in their role of human development
  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Improve effective communications within teams and workplace
  • Mobilize teams and motivate troops

Connecting at the age of virtual is an interactive conference build to break down beliefs and limits that prevent adaptation to virtual meetings as an effective means of connecting. Playful and dynamic, the conference goes through examples as far-fetched as Tinder and dating networks or The Beatles and Elvis to get the audience to forget that they are … by video conference! We also discuss best practices in the field of virtual and how to make the model last over time.